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Hydrotemp E

Hydrotemp ethylene glycol
Antifreeze Tester in professional quality for extremely accurate easurements

  • Large, easy-to-read scale in a compact and heavy duty instrument
  • Automatic temperature compensation allows accurate readings at all temperatures
  • Fast, bubble free intake of fluid samples avoids measurement errors due to air bubbles
  • Automatic air-lock prevents fluid loss and air bleed
  • Readings independent of vertical positioning of instrument
  • Tests all ethylene glycol antifreeze coolants with temperature calibration in C or F

PDF-Download: Info (102kb) Technical Information (63kb)  Manual (40kb)

The German periodical AUTOBILD has compared 5 antifreeze testers of several manufacturers, Our tester HYDROTEMP has obtained the best rating.

Hydrotemp P

Hydrotemp propylene glycol

  • Measuring unit calibrated in C or F for all propylene glycol coolants

Microtemp E

Microtemp ethylene glycol
Compact and low-price Antifreeze Tester with professional qualities

  • Temperature compensated measuring unit
  • Rapid, bubble free filling
  • No fluid loss or air bleed
  • Tests all ethylene glycol antifreeze coolants

PDF-Download: Info (55kb)

Microtemp P

Microtemp propylene glycol

  • Measuring unit for all propylene glycol coolants


Areotemp ethylene glycol
Antifreeze Tester with composite hydrometer

  • Avoids the temperature errors of glass hydrometers automatically - Usable at all temperatures
  • Shock-resistant instrument

PDF-Download: Info (102kb)   Manual (51kb)

Areotemp propylene glycol

  • Measuring hydrometer for all propylene glycol coolants


Antifreeze Tester for Windscreen Washer Units

  • with Hydrometer for Isopropanol/Methanol-Solutions

PDF-Download: Manual (44kb)

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