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Compaselect GmbH
Baarerstrasse 78
CH - 6300 Zug
Schweiz / Switzerland

The densimeters of Compaselect are manufactured in Germany under rigorous quality control.The novel construction of the rotating indicators avoids consequently the source of error of conventional instruments. Thus, tests of engine coolants and batteries have become easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.

Controlled fluid flow

The inflow channel has a laminar-flow inlet duct for rapid, bubble free filling. There's no need to tap the case to remove air bubbles - readings are always reliable.

Stable Readings

The inflow channel extends above the measuring chamber to form an automatic hydrostatic lock after filling. Even with hot fluids there's no leakage or air bleed, thus readings are immediately stable.

Independent of positioning

The circular measuring chamber allows the twin-rotor measuring unit to rotate freely through 360. Measurements are independent of instrument positioning. To eliminate axle friction, the floats are practically weightless in the fluids.

Accurate at every temperature

Regular scale subdivisions make error-free readings easy.The HYDRO Temperature Compensation is automatic. The two float materials follow the thermal expansion of the fluid so that they are mutually corrective at all temperatures. The comparable temperature error of the Hydrotemp Antifreeze Tester is therefore only 0.5 C.

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